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Travel & Tourism

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The Travel and Hospitality Tourism (T&HT) courses Levels 4 - 7 provide practical routes into the competitive world of T&HT and the vital knowledge / skills to enable individuals in working all over the world. Respected travel company links right across the travel sector will provide rewarding career opportunities - our experienced specialist lecturers have the knowledge and insight into key travel companies globally & what they require in staff!

OTHM* Level 4
Diploma in Travel and Hospitality Tourism (T&HT) Management With Work Placement (QCF):

Management degrees opens doors for individuals, especially across the fastest-growing T&HT sectors - the BSc (Hons) Business Management (Travel & Tourism pathway) gives a broad knowledge of business insight into the world of T&HT. Upon graduating, individuals will have the expertise travel companies globally require. The network of partners, have outlets across the globe so this offers fresh travel opportunities

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OTHM Level 5
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management (T&HT) With Work Placement (QCF):

The OTHM Level 5 in T&HT opens-up opportunities, across all the managerial disciplines within the vast travel sector for career-changers & aspirational professionals. The programme is for those who wish to improve and gain substantial experience and obtain a real edge in management and development - the curriculum covers; planning, human resource, marketing, operations, organisational management and customer relations in the global tourism and hospitality environments.

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OTHM Level 6
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management (T&HT) with Work Placement (QCF):

The focus at this level is on the managerial, decision making and leadership aspects of the global T&HT industry. Individuals will be preparing their own project - an impressive selection of work which can use in future career decision making. Course modules ensure fundamental concepts of the current issues affecting the H&TH sector are understood. Also covered is the effective management of a business, making sure they are sustainable, profitable and provide high quality experience for their customers and staff.

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OTHM Level 7
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management (QCF)

This level prepares students for senior management across the T&HT industry & the continued growth of this industry means, more experienced managers are needed. The course caters for both local and international professionals who wish to gain the necessary qualifications and experience to advance their careers within operations. This level will also appeal to recent graduates who wish to acquire the specialist knowledge and qualifications necessary to manage tourism and hospitality operations at a senior management level or consult.

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